1. Good evening,

    I came across your work as I was looking for mother-child photography for a book I am co-authoring with Niki Dewart, entitled Sacred Motherhood. The book is being published by North Atlantic books + distributed by Random House, and will be out the summer of 2016. The book has 52 chapters, a chapter for each week in a year of sacred motherhood, and we need an image for each week as well as a stunning photo for the cover. We will be working with several photographers for the project and I wonder if you would be open to allowing us to use some of your work as well. The photo we are wanting to ask you about is a winter picnic set up shot.

    Sacred Motherhood is the second in a series of Sacred Living Movement titles that began in 2012 with Anni Daulter’s Sacred Pregnancy. You can check out the Sacred Living Movement on Facebook and online at I am collaborating with Niki on this new title having also published several other natural / organic lifestyle books in the past and Niki also having published a book on motherhood in 2012 entitled The Mother’s Wisdom Deck (co-authored with Elizabeth Marglin with artwork by Jenny Kostecki Shaw.)

    Below is a brief description of the current project. Please let me know if it is of interest to you. I am quite taken with your photography and would love to work with you. There are a couple of photos in particular that I am interested in putting in the Sacred Motherhood book, if you are interested in being a part of this project.

    Be well,

    In the throes of the everyday, mothers can easily loose track of their deeper purpose. Written for mothers seeking to fulfill their soul’s work while simultaneously raising future generations, Sacred Motherhood offers women on the path of motherhood a guide back to themselves. Speaking to the eternal, sacred seed within each of us, it offers a bridge between the deep, soul work that mothering entails and the practical realm that incessantly tugs at every mother’s sleeve.

    For 52 weeks—a year on the path of motherhood—Sacred Motherhood presents thoughtful prompts and helpful information inviting women to reflect and write, and then return to the mothering tasks at hand armed with a fresh perspective, practical tips, and creative ideas for enriching family life.

    Anni Daulter
    Founder of the Sacred Living Movement

    "find yourself in the way of beauty" -cheryl strayed


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