Thursday, September 10, 2015


zero-waste cafe
brothl was the first zero-waste cafe in australia. unfortunately brothl had to close their doors after a long dispute with the melbourne's council over a compost bin outside this year. such a pity, because what a nice place. brothl was a zero-waste soup eatery that used the byproducts of high-end-restaurants, such as unused meat and seafood bones from attica and rockpool, to cook its broth. brothl has been collecting about 100 kilograms of this waste each week, and turning it into rich broths. in doing so, it has saved about 2.6 tonnes from going to landfill. joost bakker started this place; arriving to melbourne as a nine year old, the dutch born florist, designer, eco-trailblazer and hospitality entrepreneur is responsible for showing everybody else just how much can be done when it comes to sustainability, recycling and thoughtful use of resources. images: earl carter via taverne agency.

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