Friday, July 17, 2015


fresh green beans with creamy burrata
this dish is based on a recipe from sharing puglia, burrata e fagiolini, a salad of green beans and burrata, served with figs and a dressing of olive oil and basil. burrata is a delicious cheese with a fanatastic creamy, silky texture. since it's too early in season, for figs, i served it with fresh tomatoes instead. image: hans zeegers via taverne agency, recipe after the break.
200 g green beans, topped, tailed and blanched until tender
6 ripe tomatoes, sliced
1/2 bunch of basil, chopped
2-3 burrata, or buffel mozzerella if unavailable
100 ml extra vergine olive oil, + extra to drizzle
1 tsp lemon juice
salt & pepper
place the beans on one side of a serving plate, place the tomatoes on the other side and the burrata in the middle.
for the dressing, combine olive oil, lemon juice, basil leaves, and salt & pepper in a bowl and stir to mix well.
liberally drizzle the dressing over the beans, burrata, and tomatoes.
serve with crusty sourdough bread.

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