Friday, January 30, 2015


chocolate truffles, such good company for coffee. the best ones are homemade. try, it's dead easy.
chocolate truffles with amaretto, placed in a decorative box these can also be a great gift. image: colin cooke via taverne agency and recipe: paul lowe, after the break

makes about 30
225 ml whipping cream
450 g good quality dark chocolate
1 tablespoon amaretto
cocoa powder
in a saucepan, slowly bring the cream to a boil.
place the chocolate and amaretto in a bowl and pour the cream over.
stir gently to dissolve the chocolate.
leave to cool.
when the mixture is set, use a spoon to scrape teaspoon­sized balls.
use your hands to roll them into balls (messy, but fun and you can always
lick your fingers after).
roll the truffles in cocoa powder until completely covered and serve.
they will keep up to one week, if you haven't eaten them all already......

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