Friday, January 23, 2015


prosciutti di modeno as a starter, from the region emilia romagna
prosciutto crudo, one of the most delicious variaties of typical italian 'salume', air cured meats. there are 7 types of 'prosciutti' in italy that carry the d.o.p. label, (translated as denomination of protected origin), ensuring the strictest standards of production: prosciutto di parma; prosciutto di san daniele, from the region friuli, prosciutto di modena, from emilia romagna; prosciutto veneto eugano, form veneto; prosciutto di carpegna, from le marche; prosciutto toscano, from toscane; and jambon de bosses, from val d'aorta in the north of italy. all these 'prosciutti' are considered to be the nobility of italian 'salumeria'. images: linda pugliese via taverne agency taken in emilia romagna, italy.

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