Sunday, December 21, 2014


merry christmas from nathalie & leonoor, we'll be in italy…..!
ice waffle cottage by dietlind wolf, bambi by oivind haug, via taverne agency

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  1. Hello, Great your picture and nice blog side.I absolutely love Strega Nona books. In this story, Strega Nona is to set up the Christmas feast for the town, so she asks Big Anthony to go out and purchase her the supplies and nourishment she needs to set up the blowout. Notwithstanding, Big Anthony overlooks the nourishment and supplies and Strega Nona understands that she is going to need to use her Christmas alone on the grounds that nobody will be impending over if there is no banquet. After chapel, Strega Nona returns home and is shocked by Big Anthony and the towns individuals with a banquet for her. Best wishes!


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