Friday, November 21, 2014


smoked fish en papillote, an intriguing recipe where the fish is wrapped in japanese paper
smoked fish en papillote with verbena and sake, from the book fish by philippe emanuelli and frederic raevens, vis in the dutch version, via good cook
4 sheets natural japanese paper size a4
1 small glass sake
2 small yellow tomatoes, skinned
2 pieces of smokes fish (like herring, paddock or pollack, leonoor)
2 twigs of fresh verbena, (since you can only use it fresh and it's out of season, use finely chopped lemongrass instead, leonoor)
olive oil
serves 2
heat the oven to 400f/200ºc
place 1 sheet of japanese paper flat on a working surface.
place a second sheet, soaked in sake, on top.
place 1 tomato in the middle of the sheet and flatten it with your hand.
place a piece of fish en 1 twig of verbena (or half of the chopped lemongrass, leonoor) on top of the tomato.
drizzle with a little olive oil and close the papillote by folding the edges together, than fold to the other side and tuck the edges under the parcel.
make the other parcel the same way and bake the parcels in the oven for 5 minutes.

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