Thursday, November 6, 2014


big art small art by tristan manco, a visual treat from start to finish
in his latest book for thames & hudson, tristan manco showcases 45 artists who are pushing the boundaries of scale to create works of staggering skill and audacity. read more to see a few of our favorites, pick up the book here if you want to see more. motoi yamamoto's large-scale and intricate salt installation, return to sea ( labyrinth), 2010. posted by leonoor and nathalie
nike savvas' atomic: full of love, full of wonder installation in new south wales, 2005 ; penique productions with the cloister installation in mexico, 2011 ; brock davis' fillet knife/bread knife, 2013 ;
jean-francois fourtou's jj's feet in front of the bed, 2007

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