Friday, April 26, 2013

raw chocolate, raw indeed! as a natural return to its origin, chocolate has, after many years of successful technical and industrially adapted production, turned back to more natural ideas. read more how to make these delicious chocolate bars. photo: susanna blavarg

chocolate with brazil nuts and mulberry

brazil nuts grow in the amazon on trees that can grow very tall and very old.
50 gr hazelnut
30 ml raw sugar
30-40gr pecan nuts
30 ml dark muscovado
30-40 gr mulberry or inca golden
50 gr brazil nuts
a couple of drops of lemon
400 gr dark chocolate 70%

lightly toast the hazelnut in a frying pan, sprinkle raw sugar on it and let it melt slightly.
spread the nuts over a sheet of baking paper.
toast the pecan nuts in the frying pan and sprinkle muscavado over the nuts, let it melt, and add a couple of lemon drops.
spread the nuts over a sheet of baking paper.
melt and temper the chocolate, pour it into a form of ca 20 x12 cm covered with baking paper, wait until the chocolate begins to harden.
sprinkle nuts and berries and let the chocolate harden ca 15-20 minutes in the fridge.
cut into pieces.
if you want to save the chocolate for later, it's better to let it harden in room temperature over night.
recipe: elisabeth johansson

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